Sunday, April 13, 2014

Platform Ways

What's hot these days?
Sheer dress?
Oversized sweater?
Midi skirt?

Let's start from the platforms. I admit it, I currently bought a pair of platform and I fucking loved it. What is platform? Who-When-Why-Where-How to wear platform? Well, platform shoes (also known as disco boots, triangle heels, or simply platforms) are shoes, boots, or sandals with thick soles. They are often made of cork, plastic, rubber, or wood (wooden-soled platform shoes are, technically, also clogs). Platform shoes have been worn, for reasons such as fashion or added height, in various cultures since the Ancient era.

And yes I guess everyone know that platform can be used in any occasion, is that formal or semi-formal or even we just want to hangout with fellas-those are good.

Simple ways to rock your platform:
1. With dress. Maxi would be good, but the long-knees skirt is very good.
2. With stocking. Eye-catching, black toned equals perfect.
3. With jeans. Look adorable both.
4. With printed pants. Hipster detected.

I'll recommend you black or white colors, because they're neutral and such a perfection.
Recommended platform design (source from Pinterest):

For street wear:

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