Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Black & White Outfit

I'll explain the black and white (colored?) outfit. By now, you have to mind-setting your own brain that black and white as known as b/w are totally can be the super chic outfit. Oh, even the formal, and the wildest outfit I've ever seen. Roar.

Hitam putih sama sekali nggak membosankan. Asalkan kita bisa mix and match warna simpel tersebut, seperti yang udah aku bilang tadi, dan, bisa menjadi warna yang 'masuk' ke outfit dan acara mana aja. Aku pernah lihat orang memakai outfit hitam-putih di suatu acara formal, dan dia nggak tua-tua amat, oh. Keren, asli nggak bohong. Mungkin dia tau bagaimana cara memakai outfit hitam-putih based plus accessories.

So I'm gonna share you actually how to wear those simple colors for chic and outstanding way. I searched it and found these ways, these amazing ways, as you know I always doing research on Pinterest. Uber-cool site for fashion, style, make-up, diy, and stuff.

Do you want to rock your black-based sweater? It's one of many ways that we can apply for daily. We need:
1. Black sweatshirt (the plain one is more edgy)
2. Skinny black-based pants
3. Black wedges (with covered foot, instead sneakers)
4. Black bag. (handbag, clutch, pouch, etc)

We got the point; try to look edgy and simple as you can.

Or try this look, with a plain white shirt. Oh crap, she looks like one of my friend. It's the same as the first look, you only need the black-based outfit, anything it is, even one of your piece outfit isn't black don't worry because there are so many (much maybe) ways to rock your outfit and day. Be as yourself want to.

A simple black shoulder bag


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