Sunday, April 20, 2014

Rockin' Patterns

I love patterns. The mix and match things. Pattern isn't only about the horizontal and vertical lines. Pattern is about how we can wear it in stylish ways. We know, triangle shaped or floral; usually categorized as the pattern. All we need here is modernize and the simple look.

Here, the simple ways to rock your pattern:
1. Mix pattern with the same color family. Using hue from one main color, it would be great!
2. Look for pattern that complement each other.
3. Don't too matchy-matcy! Like, you don't need other contrast pattern and color to match your outfit.
4. Also need the plain side of our outfit. Use your body from head to toe to space out contrasting patterns.
5. If you want to, but I do recommend you to include the neutrals and solids to break up the patterns.
6. At least, use accessories wisely. Necklace with the same color family or simple bag.

Oversized Shirt

With Plain Jeans

Style Guide


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  6. What a great mix and match :D



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